What is Language
Human beings are using various languages such as English, Japanese,French, Hindi,Tamil,Telugu etc. Think

What is the need to know a language?
  • Is it used to Speak with others? if so why you have to speak with others? 
  • Is it used to Communicate? if so what is the need to communicate with others?
Of-course, we Speak / Communicate with others to express our thoughts or to instruct them to do something. Yes, if you would like to instruct others either to do something or to express your thoughts, we use language. So, without using any one language, we can't express our thoughts (instruct them to do something) exactly. So for that we use the Language.

American's know only English, Japanese know Japanese language, Sri Lanka people known language called "Singalam". Assume Japanian speaks/instructs to sri lankan, sri lankan can't understand what he (japanian) told/instruct. Why because of Sri lankan know only "Singalam" language. In the same way, when Srilankan speaks/instructs to japanian, Japanian can't understand what(Srilankan) told/instruct.

So, If they want to communicate with each other, either they need one translator or to use common language.

In the same same way, when you work with your computer system, you may need to instruct the computer system to do something in your language(either in English or whatever). But the Computer System knows only Machine language (Which consists of binary numbers 0's and 1's).

Learning and instructing in machine language is very difficult to human beings. Generally in computers there are two types of Languages.

1. High level languages
2. Low level languages

High level languages are also known as English and Low level languages are known as machine language.

So, "C Language" is a High level language where our instructions are in English. But the computer system doesn't understand it. So for that there is one translator which is called here as "Compiler" or "Interpreter", which will translates the High level language(English) instructions into Low level instructions(Low level language / Machine language).


In the same way in computers, we use language to instruct the computer to do something what you would like to do. A computer system can A human being can't communicate directly with computer hardware.