C Language was developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972 at the Bell Telephone laboratories in U.S.A. it is an outgrowth of two earlier languages. BPCL (BASIC COMBINED PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE) and B, which were also developed at Bell Laboratories. C was originally written for programming under an operating system called UNIX. Later this UNIX operating system was rewritten almost entirely in C language.
                C is a structured language. It permits compartmentalization of data and code. C is highly portable. Portability means that C programs written for one type of computer can be adopted to another type. C support many features of low level language and all the features of high level languages. Because of this reason C is also called as middle level language. Commercial C compilers are available for most personal computers, minicomputers and mainframes. C is noted for its dynamic storage allocation, bit level manipulation, rich set of operators and the use of a standard library