Open C language Editor which has been provided with your C language itself and type the following code:

# include

void main()
printf("Hai welcome to learn C Language");
printf("at CFaculty.blogspot.com");


Save the program by pressing F2 Function key. It will prompt you to enter name for your file. Type the as "Myfirst.c" and press enter key.

After saving the file you need to compile by pressing F9 or you can press Ctrl + F9 to compile and run the program.

You will get the result:

Hai Welcome to learn C language at CFaculty.blogspot.com

Observe: What you given in two lines, which has printed in a single line. To print in the next line you have to add "\n" (escape character) in each and every printf function such as:

printf("Hai Welcome to learn C language")
printf("\nat CFaculty.blogspot.com");